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Small Business Ratios: The Terms to Know
A sample of three of the major Small Business financial terms to know: cash flow, liquidity, and "quick or current ratios" that help in the short-term.
Small Business Banking in 2020: The 3 Things to Know
The look of banking in 2020 has changed. See how building a relationship with a banker or banking expert is even more important than ever considering a new normal.
Top 3 Small Business Financial Ratios COVID Made Critical
Financial ratios for small business is not a sexy topic. But, if there was a way to know if your business was on fire, would you want to know?
Non-Profit Small Business Loans: 2 Things to Know
Finding small business loans can be difficult, especially for non-profits. If you have issues with finding a loan, these tips might be a good starting point.
How to Succeed in Business in 3 Simple Steps
This is a case study of our client Adelyn. She’s an amazing example of how 3 simple steps can lead to your small business to succeed.
Start-Up Success Stories: 3 Ways New Businesses Thrived
Start-ups can be difficult to open and even harder to make successful. But, that doesn't mean they're impossible! Here are three things you need to know
How to Get a New Business Started in 2020: Our 3 Best Tips
A client asked this question. I thought it was a question worth exploring, so I did some research. What I found surprised me, so I wanted to share it with you.
Lending and Loans: 2 Ideas to Get Your Business Ahead
Many owners often don't know what to ask for, especially when it comes to how large of a loan they need and which lender is right for them.
Small Business Loans: 3 Experts: Tips for Survival
With the current economic climate, small business loans are becoming more important than ever. Here's how to better your chances.
The World of Cosmetics After COVID
To prepare for that, we're looking at the likely impact of the COVID epidemic on various industries, continuing today with the cosmetics world after all of this.
The Fashion Industry in a World After COVID
We will talk about the wider consequences of the virus as well as those specific to the fashion world in particular. This way, you can prepare for the new world
How to Apply for Small Business Loans in 2020
Finding ways to apply for small business loans in 2020 is harder than it used to be. With the ongoing health crisis, loans are needed now in different ways
No More SBA COVID Loans. What Now?
But all of this is coming to an end. The SBA is putting a hold on new applications as a result of COVID disruptions, now out of money for the loans. So... what now?
COVID's Continued Small Business Impact
When Coronavirus first started to appear in America, I don't think many people expected it to last nearly this long and have such a prolonged impact.
All About Equity: Valuation for Businesses
If you are looking for funding for your small business through equity, you need to know the valuation of your company. Valuation is estimate of your worth.
Looking to a Post COVID-19 World: The United States
Right now, it is hard to look to the future of a world after COVID-19 has passed. But businesses need to continue, and the impact of the coronavirus will be felt.
Looking to a Post COVID-19 World: International
Right now, it is hard to look to the future of a world after COVID-19 has passed. and the impact of the coronavirus will be felt by years to come
A Small Business Lending Ecosystem Webinar
In this post, we talk about the Small Business Lending Ecosystem, which is easily the most important factor for any small business to know.
5 Q&As To 2020 Small Business Changes: Part II
We discussed how minimum wage changes and overtime laws are going to affect your business in the new year. Now, let's move onto our next three major changes.
Secret to Finding the Best Small Business Programs
This may come as some surprise, but local, state, and federal governments offer great programs for small businesses, especially if you are women or minority owned..
Flexible Hours: 3 Simple Way to Make Them Work
Jillian decided to give flexible hours a try. She hired a staffer who agreed to a flexible schedule. But, it was a problem from the start. Here's why.
The Big Tech Effect on Small Business
Are the effects of big tech a friend or a foe to small businesses like yours and mind? The short answer: it's likely both. It's not a level playing field.
Why We Love Kabbage's Small Business Index
Small business owners struggle to find data how our performance compares to our peers. This free tool provides live data on more than 200,000
LinkedIn Imposters: What You Need to Know
Needless to say, LinkedIn imposters all over the place. And you should probably pay attention for the sake of your own cybersecurity
Cyber-Attacks Must Be Taken Seriously Before It's Too Late
Cyber-crime is on the rise, and it is something that is becoming an issue of note. There is a lot of complacency among small business owners. Don't be one of them.
Eliminate Bias in Hiring to Combat Low Unemployment
At nearly full employment for certain pockets of the population, we need to look at typically under served workers as potential hires to fill the demand.
Dante's Inferno Operation Issues Causing Problems
For Dante, his restaurant's issues were the difference between success and failure, and we wanted to help him fight back. him fight back.
How A.I. is Transforming Business Lending
The rise of Artificial Intelligence has completely shifted all forms of business practices. Specifically, A.I. is transforming small business lending.
5 Quick Steps to Get Results for Your Small Business
As small business owners, we don't have the resources in time or money to waste. You didn't start your business wanting it to fall apart. Here are some tips to help.
How to Avoid a Common Small Business Mistake
We've found that the most common small business mistake is poor cash flow management. In fact, insufficient cash flow is #1 reason businesses fail.
How Not to Get Hooked by a Phishing Attack
Getting hooked by phishing attacks are costly. In fact, the average cyber attack costs small businesses $53,987. How do you avoid being hooked?
How Can NYC Help Small Businesses
NYC can always do better to help small businesses. If we wish to continue using tax incentives to drive economic growth, we may need to shift that focus
Avoid Wasting Money: Small Business Tips
All businesses (unless they're non-profit) have one thing in common: they all need to turn a profit. The easiest way to turn a profit is to avoid wasting money
Use Social Media to Improve Small Business Customer Service
Social media interactions can make or break a small business. So, here are some simple ways to use social media effectively to improve customer service in your small
Get Capital Without Getting Clobbered
Just because you can get capital, doesn't mean you should. It can be risky, and some loans are more dangerous than you might think
Google Small Business Portal: Gimmick or Value-Add?
In June 2019, Google launched the Google Small Business Portal. We were intrigued by it, so we gave it a try. Here's what we learned. Eh?
5 Key Small Business Technology & Market Trends
Technology and Market Trends affect small business every day. See how these 5 key small business & market trends might impact you. Some may surprise you.
How to Avoid Looking Stupid When Talking to Banks
Luckily, there are few hacks you can use to avoid looking stupid when talking to banks. All professionals speak in code. It's not intentional. It's just habit.
A Simple Way to Classify Workers in Small Business
Gig economy has significantly blurred the line between an employee vs independent contractor. This blurring has started a war between business & the States
3 Signs that You Are Ready to Grow Your Small Business
There are a lot of fears to be had when it comes to growing your business. The "hows" and "whens" are sometimes hard to answer
Business Credit Score: Why you know yours?
If you're like many small business owners, you probably don't know your business credit score. Intuitively, you know your business score matters, but why?
Small Business Lending is Booming - Are you Ready?
The small business lending market is booming, but just because you can get a loan doesn't mean that your should. Know your risks.
4 Tips for Expanding Your Small Business into New Markets
expand your small business is a concern for many of our customers, and there are a lot of ways to take a small business to that next level
4 Tips to Secure a Small Business Loan
When trying to secure a small business loan, there are several things to consider: credit, amount, cash flow, revenue, and others.
3 Ways to Get the Best Talent More Often
Small businesses often struggle to get the best talent. Talent is the most value asset that businesses have. Here's how to get creative.
5 Hacks to Increase a Small Business Owner's Long-term Success
"All small businesses need to plan for growth to increase their chances of long-term success". It's an important fact that other have mentioned as well.
3 Avoidable Mistakes that Can Blow Your Pitch
The team at ProStrategix has attended countless pitches, and we've found that the 3 most avoidable mistakes that can blow your pitch
5 Shocking Mistakes Killing Your Growth
After helping numerous companies, we at ProStrategix uncovered 5 common but unfortunate mistakes that may be killing your growth.
5 Steps of Analyzing the Business Model
There are 5 key steps to take when analyzing a business model. Over the years, we have these five steps to be the most helpful.
4 Simple Steps to Write a Successful Business Plan
We review the 4 simple steps to write a successful business plan. While the steps are easy, the plan takes thought & reflection.
Running a Small Business- The Unfortunate Truth
If you are a small business owner, you probably started it to follow a dream, but the truth is you need to have the business skills in order to be successful
If You Don't Plan for Growth Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later
If you wait until you start growing before you plan for growth, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next. That's not a great feeling.
How to Get a Small Business Loan Painlessly
The most important thing to think about when getting a small business loan from a lender is your personal credit. The closer to 700 you are, the better.
What's Holding Women Back in Small Business? How a Business Plan Can Help.
Business plans are important for all businesses. Yet, less than 1/2 of businesses have them. Women tend to write them less than men. This maybe one reason of many.
How to Benefit if the Small Business Market is Cooling
The small businesses market appears to be cooling. Owners hoping to sell their companies are less optimistic about a sale than they were a year ago.
What's Driving Down Small Business Valuation?
With a strong and growing economy, many small business owners are often shocked at the valuation they are seeing. But why is that the case?
Denied a Small Business Loan? Try Alternative Lenders
If you were denied a small business loan, you need to fix a few things. However, there are times when you need a small business loan to fix those problems.
Seasonal Business & Tips for Managing Them
Summer can be a peak time for a seasonal business. Many small businesses are seasonal businesses, or at the very least, have seasonal peaks.
The New SBA Bill: What You Need to Know
The SBA reauthorization bill is making its way through Congress. This legislation may be a boom for entrepreneurs in research-intensive industries.
4 Small Business Tips for Protection During a Downturn
How can you protect yourself and your business from the impact on an economic downturn during times of struggle? Now is the best time to prepare.
The Art of Delegation: A Small Business Webinar
If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know how passionate we are about the art of delegation. In fact, we made a webinars about that very topic!
Pain-Free Delegation: A How-To Guide
Delegating is key in running a successful small business. It can be scary. But, you can have pain-free delegation if you follow a couple of simple steps.
4 Simple Ways to Tune Up Your Small Business
In this post, we share how one of our clients, Kelly, performed a tune-up on her business to get her engines running like new.
3 Things to Know When Starting a Home Health Business
You might be considering the ways to start a home health business. I’ve compiled some of the best tips online for you to learn from.
Top Ten Small Business Funding Tips
Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re worried about funding for your small business during the ongoing downturn, we have our top ten tips for you.
Why Financial Ratios Matter: Our 3 Big Points
Financial ratios can be a pain and often feel like a foreign language. Here is our explainer of why financial ratios matter to you.
The World of the Start-Up: 2 Pros Share Their Best Advice
To operate a successful start-up, our advice is that you need a strong team, enough cash to cover you, and a plan on how you can prove your idea works.
Dante’s Inferno – Business Fixes to Put Out the Fire
In Part III, we discuss the ways in which Dante's business needed repairs, and look at the business fixes that helped Dante revive his restaurant
2 Startup Healthcare Success Stories from COVID
COVID has taken its toll on many small business industries, but in the healthcare field, it has allowed for several startup success stories.
How Small Businesses Can Help Each Other Succeed
We all buy products and services every day. Why not try to purchase these from other small businesses so we can help each other succeed.
New Businesses in COVID: 2 Views on the Changed World
If you opened your small business at the start of COVID, you might be worried about survival. Here are some tips to give you hope!
The Education Industry in a World After COVID
For the next few weeks, we will look at how the world after the COVID outbreak will impact everything, beginning today with the education industry
Small Business Awards: Everyone Loves a Winner
Winning Small Business Awards can boost your credibility. We’re giving it a try, and we think you should too. Want to know how to get started?
Three Winning Tips and Tactics for Tax Prep in 2020
Sure it may feel like 2020 has just begun, but we are official in tax preparing season. We will walk you through three of our big tips for tax preparation.
Building a Small Business: Need More Guts or Brains?
More than ½ of all small businesses fail in 4 to 5 years. If you’re thinking of building a business, are you smart to get in on the ground floor?
How to Build a Positive Business Culture
Businesses are only as good as their people. How can a positive culture help your business talent? Read Laura’s story to find out.
The Secret to Attract & Retain Small Business Talent is Revealed
While small businesses can’t offer major perks, we can be as creative and personalized as we want. That’s the secret to attract and retain business talent.
How to Transition from an Owner to a CEO
This may sound strange. You might say, "Transitioning from an owner to a CEO? What could we possible have in common?" More that you think.
Small Business Owners: 3 Tips to Maximize PPP Loan Forgiveness
As a small business owner, who has received a paycheck protection program (PPP) loan, you are probably as confused as I was about what to do.
HRA Changes: What Every Small Business Should Know
The new HRA changes are big news because they allow small businesses to fund employee premiums using the individual health insurance market
Top 2 Upsides & Downsides of Being A Small Business
Running a small business isn’t always rainbows, but it also isn't all doom. Let’s talk about upsides and two downsides to operating your own small business.
Why COVID Hurt Small Business Badly: 3 Critical Mistakes
COVID hurt Small Businesses badly because of 3 critical makes made by the US in its response to the pandemic. But, yes, there still can be a happy ending.
End of the 2020 Small Business Stimulus: 3 Things to Know
The 2020 stimulus package for small businesses appears to be done. What happens next? I have compiled some tips that will help.
New York City is one of the BEST cities for Small Business
Yes, that’s right, high-tax, high minimum wage, worker-friendly, widely diverse, New York City, is the #1 best city for small business.
The Amazon Monopoly: What Research Shows
We talk about Amazon a lot, and for good reason too. But we have to think about Amazon and how it is very comparable to a monopoly in 2020.
Living Paycheck to Paycheck When Running a Successful Small Business?
When living paycheck to paycheck, especially if the small business is successful, it’s certainly worth asking why isn’t your paycheck bigger?
Why Do Some Businesses Fail? Six Key Factors
20% of businesses fail in their first year. Half are gone by year 5. Why is that? What are the main causes? We explore six key factors.
Dante’s Inferno – The Restaurant Issues Causing Problems
For Part II of this series, we look at what the issues with Dante's restaurant were and how we can fix them before it is too late.
Bank Fear Gets in the Way of Loan Approvals
If approval rates are at record highs, why are businesses still struggling to be approved? One reason is fear of banks getting in the way of getting loans
How to Write an Elevator Pitch is Under 10 Minutes
A strong elevator pitch is a primary tool when looking to raise funds. But, most entrepreneurs find it challenging to write an elevator pitch succinctly.
3 Golden Rules to Nail a Pitch
It amazing how many pitches are wasted. They could have easily been saved by following these three golden rules to nail a pitch.
How to Write a Kick-ass Pitch Deck
We said that a pitch deck of 10 slides is ideal, but what should those slides be? For a kick-ass pitch deck, here is our recommendation for content:
Accounting and Financial Ratios: 3 Things to Know
When it comes to your small business’s accounting, you will probably need to know a thing or two about financial ratios in order to stay afloat.
To Grow Faster Than Your Competition? Focus on Your Current Customers
94% of your competition is focusing more on new clients, instead of nurturing the ones they have. And, that's a mistake you can use to grow faster than them
3 Year Itch - Best Ways to Survive It
The 3 year itch: Twice the number of business go out of business between their 3rd to 7th year than do in their first 2 years?
Accelerating Small Business Growth: 5 Proven Methods
Accelerating small business growth is possible. These 5 proven methods are straight-forward and relatively easy for small businesses to apply.
The Small Business Lending Ecosystem: What to Know
There has been an explosion of small business lenders (SBL). That's a good thing! Just be aware of the different types of lending in this small ecosystem
3 Key Hacks to Qualify for a Small Business Loan
3 Key Hacks when evaluating if you qualify for a small business loan: credit rating, time in business, and debt service ratio. Learn more about them.
Why You Should NEVER Use Merchant Cash Advances
A merchant cash advance is a form of financing that should be avoided like the plague. Over the years, we've seen a number of victims. Don't be one of them.
Yahoo Small Business Maker Pros & Cons
Yahoo Small Business launched its Business Maker as a “a new platform to help small businesses and aspiring business". Read out take on it.
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