How to Write a Kick-ass Pitch Deck

We said that a pitch deck of 10 slides is ideal, but what should those slides be? For a kick-ass pitch deck, here is our recommendation for content:

Now, in our posts, "3 Golden Rules to Nail a Pitch", we said that a pitch deck of 10 slides is ideal, but what should those slides be?  For a kick-ass pitch deck, here is our recommendation for content:

First, start your kick-ass pitch deck with a Story

Importantly, slide 1 of your kick-ass pitch deck needs to tell your story.  Start with your elevator pitch and give it some more depth.  For example, we said that the key elevator pitch showcases that you know your company, your market, and your unique position within it. 

Now, that you have their attention, it's time to reel them in. Therefore, in a kick-ass pitch deck, we need to build on our elevator pitch and create a story. What’s the need?  What are the challenges?  And, how, with help, we can be the hero or heroine.

Next, explain the Problem & How You Uniquely Solve it.

Therefore, slides 2 & 3 in your kick-ass pitch deck focus on the problem in terms of magnitude and 2 support points.  For instance, $X Billion market for… Ref 1, Ref 2 (credible sources), X Million People who need… , etc. Then, on the next slide, explain how you uniquely solve this problem.

Third, the Business Nuts & Bolts of Your Kick-Ass Pitch Deck

First, slide 4 explains your business model and how it works.  How you acquire leads, convert them to customers, provide your product or service, etc.  What we want to show here is that we are realistic in our model.  How do we stack up vs. comparable models, etc. 

Second, slide 5 shows what traction or proof that you have that the model works.  It may not be profitable, but it needs to show that there is demand, your product or service met it, and customers were satisfied. 

Third, slide 6 shows your financial projections.  Again, like slide 4, they should be realistic.  What is your category share?  Ratio of spending to sales? etc.

Lastly, slide 7 showcases your team.  It highlights why their experience is the right mix of talent to support you now, and you can leverage their experience to deliver your projections.  Investors invest in people, not companies.  It’s important to remember this when building out your team.

Finally, the Ask

The final section of your kick-ass pitch deck focuses on the ask.  First, slide 8 should cover the Ask.  For instance, how much do you need?  by when?  for what % of the company?

Then, slide 9 covers the valuation and justification for the ask.  Finally, you close with the use of funds.  

And there you have it – 10 powerful slides and one a kick-ass pitch deck.  

Live Plan has a similar take on content, for example, but with a few differences.  There are also some great templates for pitch decks.  For instance, Improve Presentations offers paid templates while we provide one for free

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