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2 Startup Healthcare Success Stories from COVID

COVID has taken its toll on many small business industries, but in the healthcare field, it has allowed for several startup success stories.

With everything that COVID has done to the small business community, it isn’t going to be easy to say that there is a positive side. That in mind, the healthcare industry has had some true successes for startups. Part of this is because of the need for healthcare in the COVID world. We wanted to take two stories and highlight the successes you might want to know.

Telehealth and Artificial Intelligence

Using AI in medicine and small business isn’t an entirely new field, but during COVID, it has been more important than ever before. The ability to use artificial intelligence in the current world is massively necessary. This need is partly because of social distancing guidelines and the limits on what kinds of businesses can be open. Beyond that, a lack of revenue has caused a need for different forms of connecting online.  

There is where AI comes into play. A recent Forbes article by Rob Toews focused on this relationship between AI and healthcare. The entire piece is worth reading, but one anecdote, in particular, stood out to me—namely the relationship between remote healthcare and AI. Eko is a device that can detect heart problems remotely and at a rate, even in-person doctors might miss. It is just one type of business that AI will aide. Check out the Forbes article for more ideas that you could benefit from as well.

Other Technologies to Help Fight COVID

AI isn’t the only avenue to check out for COVID fighting technology. A recent World Economic Forum article from Brandon Magsamen and Grigory Shutko looked at these technological advancements and how others can use them. My favorite of the different ideas that Magsamen and Shutko found involved an Indian telecoms company that managed to put a health message on every phone in their service, spreading information about COVID safety to people who might otherwise not be aware of it. Another good concept that they look at is the idea of e-commerce branding to help with COVID.

Healthcare Startup Success Tips

If you’re worried about finding the means of success in the face of COVID, these are two of the concepts you could use in your own small business to possibly find success.

  1. Look into using AI. It’s easy for small businesses to manage and afford, and it might help you reach a wider audience.  
  2. Find technologies that are specific to the modern world. COVID has obviously made things complicated, but there are ways to help this process out.

Don’t let COVID make you give up on your small business. The healthcare industry is surviving and succeeding because of the innovation of startups like these. Find your niche, and you can succeed.

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About the Author

Brian Cairns, CEO of Prostrategix Consulting. Over 25 years of business experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and small business owner. For more information, please visit my LinkedIn profile

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