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Google Small Business Portal: Gimmick or Value-Add?

In June 2019, Google launched the Google Small Business Portal. We were intrigued by it, so we gave it a try. Here's what we learned. Eh?

In June 2019, Google launched the Google Small Business Portal.  We were intrigued by it, so we gave it a try.  Here's what we learned.

What is it?

This quote from Anthony Ha from Techcrunch sums it up well.

So, on the new site, they can enter their company name and website (assuming they have one), then answer a few questions about their business and their goals. Google will then create a customized, prioritized list of actions, which may involve launching ad campaigns, or building up their online presence, or installing Google Analytics.  

Is it a Gimmick of Value Add?

The truth is, it is both. Here is a quick slide show of what it looks like:

Regardless of the options we chose, we wound up with the same recommendations. 

Google Small Business Portal Value-Adds

Google Analytics is definitely a value-add for any small business. It can be a very powerful tool if you have the time to learn it and use it. G-Suite is both a value ad and a gimmick. It depends on your business. If all you need are the basics, G-Suite is awesome. If you need more powerful tools, G-Suite is the poor man's substitute to Microsoft, in our opinion.

Google Small Business Portal Gimmicks

There is a static flow that you need to follow if you want to get all the suggestions. In other words, when we tried it, if we didn't signup for G-Suite, we couldn't go any further than the first page. As we mentioned, G-Suite is great, but it's just not great for us. The next step was Google Ads, which is definitely a gimmick. While search advertising can be very useful, it's not always right for everyone. If you're a small business, you're likely not going to rank highly, and therefore will have to pay more per click. While $1-2/click doesn't sound that bad, if only 2% (industry average) actually convert, you will be paying $50-$100/lead.

Should you use Google Small Business Portal?

If you are Ok with what G-Suite provides and want to explore or can afford search advertising, it's a very user-friendly guide to Google's products. However, if you don't necessarily want to spend money on Google's products, you won't get very far in the guide. Given Google Small Business Portal's forced path, we are aren't that keen on it. The hype was much better than the actual experience.

However, as a small business, the Google Small Business Portal may help you raise brand awareness, which was on the "4 Simple Steps to Write a Successful Marketing Plan"

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